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--+-- DRUM BREAKS --+--

Above is  the breaks I recorded for my first Skinshape album.

I record a lot of drums breaks. Whether you're
after fresh samples in any style (especially 60s/70s breaks - soul, funk, R 'n' B,
disco, reggae), or if you need to recreate a well-known break but can't afford the
$$$ for clearance from the owner - this is what I do best!
My expertise and equipment allow me to get the sound you're after. 

Here's my 2nd album, I recorded all these breaks too:


A recording I did for the label Horus Records:


Prices start at £100, and it's more depending on how many you want.

* I use Rogers, Gretsch & Tama kits   * Each of the 3 microphones are recorded to their own tape channel

* Each break will be at least 30 seconds long   * I use only the best drummers to record with    * Optional extras: Spring Reverb & Percussion

* The tape signal is digitised and prepared for transfer   * The stems are delivered digitally via WeTransfer.

For all orders and enquiries:    info (@) willdorey.com

My official recording credits can be found here